What is IP Address : You Must Know IP address can be found in many business and local computer networks. The business networks generally use this kind of network address for their companies as their local gateway location address issetup to configure to support the subnet with client IP addresses. This IP address is generally used as the same address for some of the home addresses and their home WI-FI router addresses.To know more about check this site - 10-0-0-0-1.info/10-0-0-2/. is very popular and it is defined as the particular set of the IP address that is restricted for the private use of any router for the home or business networks. They work very easy. This kind of IP addresses can only be used for private servers and networks and not for any public uses or the web servers. The largest and the first of these private IP addresses varies between

The automatic assignment on IP address is quite very easy. Computers and the devices that are using this IP address will have support to DHCP and you can simply receive their IP address with the location on the router. The router is the one that decides which IP address to be allotted to whom and it decides the way the address will function and be visible. This allotment is called the DHCP pool.

There are also manual assignment on this IP address is possible. Sometimes, the IP address is needed to be set manually. This kind of address is called as static IP address. You need to text the key on the screen to set it manually. The router must be set up to assign the particular address. You can simply change the computer’s IP address by using the setting option.

Conclusion IP is generally used by private homes and businesses. It is very useful and safe too. Routers cannot sometimes identify the addresses. Yet, if you have a private address, then you can use it.